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Sustainability is a necessary premise for remodeling businesses, according to ABDI

The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) launched the document "ABDI 2030 Strategic Route Program - New Economy 2030", which aims to establish the guidelines for the digital transformation of the national productive sector, in accordance with the international pillars of sustainability.

The document was developed with the participation of Sarah Sampaio, executive director of Amazônia Agroflorestal, responsible for Café Apuí Agroflorestal. She contributed her experience in ESG, that she has in the company, showing how the practices can contribute to the company's growth without neglecting any of the three fields.

The document seeks to remodel businesses to meet the growing changes in people's consumption experiences, requiring the realignment of production methods and modifying companies' commercial, competitive and reputation strategies.

The initiative establishes the adoption of technologies as a bridge to sustainability and presents a map of the trajectories to be followed in order to reach the vision of the future established for the New Economy of Brazil in the time horizon of 2030. The program was developed in partnership with the Service National Institute of Industrial Learning of Ceará (SENAI) and the Industry Observatory of the FIEC System.

Amazônia Agroflorestal, the company responsible for Café Apuí Agroflorestal, celebrates its participation in the ABDI 2030 Strategic Route - New Economy 2030 Program. By participating in this document, the company seeks to collaborate with the expansion of its vision of the future and hopes to be able to benefit from resources and opportunities to promote technological development, promoted by the development of this ecosystem.

The ABDI 2030 Strategic Route Program - New Economy 2030 has the participation of several Brazilian companies and institutions, which have in common the search for technological solutions that can make their businesses more efficient and sustainable. The initiative aims to contribute to the construction of a more dynamic, innovative and competitive Brazilian economy, which takes into account the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. With the participation, Amazônia Agroflorestal shows itself as an ally in the mission to develop sustainable production as an economic alternative in the Amazon region and in Brazil.

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