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The challenges and importance of integrating the team

Equipe da iniciativa Café Apuí Agroflorestal na Reunião Integrada de 2024

By Sarah Sampaio

As CEO, I consider people management essential for the development of our company and Initiative. Managing plural, diverse teams in multiple locations is a great challenge and a big dream coming true. One of the crucial moments for our operation, therefore, is when the teams are together, focusing on the challenges we encounter in expanding a sustainable value chain in the south of Amazonas, the Café Apuí Agroflorestal chain.

We held our Integrated Initiative Meeting, between April 2nd and 8th in Manaus. This meeting, which brought together the entire field and office team from the cities of Manaus, Campinas and Apuí, is always a significant milestone in our year, and we are keen to create an open space for new ideas and collective construction. This is our way of working. Every day we encourage teams to build, propose, innovate, challenge themselves and this moment of physical union helps to consolidate all the work developed throughout the year.

Together we discuss central and strategic points of our Initiative from the purchase of supplies, negotiation with service providers, operations logistics, annual goals, field schedule, needs of the various partners that support us, the producer families, the team itself, productivity and quality of coffee and, mainly, our collective dream and how we achieve it.

Every moment of that meeting was precious. From informal moments of relaxation, such as coffee shared between colleagues, to the more tense meetings in which we debate ideas and strategies for the future of the Initiative with several points of divergence. The conversations in the corridors, exchanges of experiences and the get-together at the end were valuable opportunities to strengthen bonds between team members.

Connecting and integrating our team plays a fundamental role in the productivity and success of an Initiative as complex and innovative as ours. By promoting interaction between team members, we are creating an environment conducive to the development of understanding and empathy. In a context in which we operate in unknown fields and with teams dispersed across different territories, organizations and realities, this empathy becomes even more essential. It allows us to see beyond physical and temporal boundaries, promoting a more holistic and collaborative look at the challenges we face.

We can think of this dynamic as an intricate web, where each strand represents a member of the team. When each thread is connected in a solid and cohesive way, the web becomes stronger and becomes capable of withstanding the most complex challenges. Likewise, by promoting connection and empathy between team members, we are strengthening the bonds that unite us and promoting a synergy that drives us towards our common goals. The strategic vision improves, internal communication improves, the organizational climate improves, and the acceptance of diversity improves.

When facing uncertainties and significant obstacles in the Brazilian reality today, unity and teamwork become the anchor that keeps the Initiative stable and focused on its objectives. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and resources, team members can overcome difficulties more effectively, adapting to changes and finding innovative solutions to the problems they face.

Furthermore, the connection between people promotes a sense of belonging and shared identity within the team, reinforcing commitment to the Initiative's values ​​and mission. This feeling of collectiveness with a common purpose strengthens the bonds between employees, inspiring them to work towards a greater goal.

In the challenging context of the bioeconomy in Brazil, where uncertainties and risks are high, I think that the feeling of being part of something significant and bigger than oneself provides a source of motivation and determination. This deep and true connection between team members creates a solid foundation that empowers them to face challenges with courage and perseverance, ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the Initiative.

It is extremely gratifying to see how the dedication and commitment of each member of our team are essential to boost the Café Apuí Agroflorestal Initiative. Together, we are building a more sustainable and promising future for the southern region of Amazonas and for the communities that are part of it.

I deeply thank all the collaborators who carry out the Initiative every day and participated in this meeting, reaffirming our commitment to the greater purpose that unites us: transforming reality through agroforestry systems and sustainable development.

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