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Amazônia Agroflorestal highlights the guidelines related to its Environmental, Social and Governance Policy.


It must be followed by all its partners, collaborators and suppliers.

As a way of guaranteeing and promoting our principles, values and practices, we have our Ombudsman , where anyone can make a complaint, anonymous or not.

Check out the full version of our ESG Policy


Agroforestry Production: We offer a sustainable alternative for producers in the Apuí region, through the production and distribution of agroforestry coffee and the Payment for Environmental Services Program.

Organic production: We value production without the use of pesticides, preserving the health of the rural producer and the final customer and the preservation of the environment through support for organic production and certification of all producers involved in the Café Apuí Agroflorestal Initiative.

Forest code: We respect the Brazilian forest code and encourage others to respect it.

Standing forest: We promote the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest and encourage the maintenance of the standing forest in partnership with small rural landowners in the Apuí region.



Team: We value the safety of our workers and good working conditions, without discrimination, slavery or child labor.


Respect and diversity: It is essential for us to respect human and environmental rights, to act ethically, to repudiate any form of harassment, to promote the right to freedom through the exchange of thoughts, to value the participation of women in institutional frameworks and to abdicate, prevent and correct, any discriminatory or prejudiced behavior.

Sustainable development: We help small rural producers to improve their quality of life through the regeneration and maintenance of standing forests and the application of fair and sustainable trade values.

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Impact: We consider the interests of our partners, employees and the community affected by our actions in the decision-making process, always considering the short and long-term social, environmental, legal and economic effects of our activities. To reinforce this commitment, we adopted the clauses of B System in our Social Contract.

Management: We value diversity, transparency and efficiency in our management.

Transparency: We repudiate any illegal conduct in our activities, we value transparency in our performance and communication, and we carry out constant risk analysis with legal and accounting support.

Anti-corruption: We repudiate any fraudulent or corrupt practices.

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