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Planting the future of the Amazon

Amazônia Agroflorestal is the company responsible for the value chain of Café Apuí Agroflorestal, the first sustainable agroforestry coffee in the Brazilian Amazon. We carry out partnerships for the implementation of agroforestry systems, for organic certification and we also guarantee that 100% of the coffee produced is purchased at a fair value! We distribute and sell quality coffee throughout Brazil and other countries. We also value the standing forest through Payment for Environmental Services to partner producers. We only grow WITH the forest!


Promote a sustainable, inclusive and regenerative value chain with communities in the south of Amazonas through agroforestry coffee production and native forest conservation.


Show that it is possible to build a sustainable world in which each link in the chain benefits fairly, whether forests, people, companies, customers and partners.

To be the coffee brand preferred by conscious consumers around the world, recognized for its dedication to sustainable development and its positive bio-socioeconomic impact on the Amazon.

To be a financially and environmentally sustainable company that is a reference in the collective construction of a new economy that unites family farming, forests and people, through the production of agroforestry coffee and the generation of carbon credits.



We promote sustainable practices in our production chain from start to finish to keep the forest standing.


We believe in continuous learning, always looking for solutions, with autonomy, without fear of making mistakes and innovating to enhance the bioeconomy.


We act with empathy inside and outside the company, with respect, ethics and transparency to always consider the social impact of our actions and value the power of diversities.


We are always focused on improving our results and efficiency to achieve our strategic goals.

Our story

Apuí, in the northern Amazonas, is a city marked in history by the largest rural settlement project in the country, the PA Juma River, which brought a population (from the south, southeast and northeast of Brazil to the city) that had a coffee plantation culture.

However, due to the very different climatic and soil conditions, the coffee planted in the Amazon had a low productivity and many producers abandoned their coffee plantations, prefering other productions, such as extensive livestock, which today is the main means of production in the region. In the 2000s, growers realized that coffee trees that had been abandoned and were growing in the shade of other trees had higher productivity than those that were being grown in a traditional way. With the help of Idesam, they realized that the shade caused by fast-growing native species provided an ideal microclimate for quality and more productive coffee.

Thus, Café Apuí Agroflorestal was born, a sustainable alternative that increases the income of rural producers, regenerates the forest and also generates other products from the Agroforestry Systems, such as cassava, rice, cocoa, buriti, among others that help to reduce food insecurity producing families. 

In 2018, a new achievement: participatory organic certification obtained in partnership with Rede Maniva de Agroecologia, the only OPAC (participatory conformity assessment body) in the North of Brazil. 

“When we form a group that accesses participatory organic certification, farmers begin to access markets, because they begin to organize themselves and realize the power of union. Participatory certification adds to processes, it is much more a means than an end” says specialist Marina Yasbek


Since the first implementation of the Agroforestry System (SAF), in 2012, Café Apuí Agroflorestal has grown thanks to the partnership with several institutions in Brazil and the world and, especially, the local partnerships with producers and with Mr. Estevão, responsible for roasting our coffee. With the growth of the project came the next step: the creation of Amazônia Agroflorestal in 2019 to guarantee the purchase of  100% of the coffee produced at a fair price, above market value, the commercialization and prizes for the families that reach good agroforestry, organic and quality results. 

Thus, we close a virtuous cycle! From the implementation of SAFs, organic certification and workshops for women and young people in Apuí and region, to the presence of Café Apuí Agroflorestal on tables in Brazil and around the world, with the flavor and energy of the Amazon rainforest.

The Agroforestry Amazon has been growing more and more and intends to be an example for other companies operating in the region. For this to happen, we continue working in a network and with the essential support of Idesam, our technical partner for the expansion of the Café Apuí Agroforestry Initiative. Through a model that combines non-repayable investment and private investment, Amazônia Agroflorestal intends to regenerate 300 acres with native species and conilon coffee, preventing the deforestation of more than 13 thousand hectares of forest by 2026 through the Payment for Environmental Services Project.  

Amazônia Agroflorestal Team

Idesam Support Team

To continue with our important work, Amazônia Agroflorestal has the fundamental technical support of Idesam, maintaining our union since the beginning for the strengthening of the bioeconomy and sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon.

Administrative Council Board

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